Relative Analgesia in Practice Part three

Treating Children without setting up a damaging future phobia.

Young people who need dental treatment present a difficult challenge. There are so many adults out there who have neglected their oral health because of the memory of atrocious dental treatment when they were younger. Patients we come across everyday in practice.

It makes me feel much more responsible that not only are we trying to sort out any dental issues right now but what we do may set a tone for compliance in the future. I don’t want to be the one that gets blamed for putting someone off great dentistry in the future.

This is where RA fits in beautifully. Treating children becomes a lot easier when there anxiousness levels are reduced and their analgesic levels are increased. Giving a local becomes almost in-perceivable to the patient and the RA helps a better depth of general analgesia, making for a more comfortable experience.

Dr Rob Endicott is a General Dentist and Sedationist based in Stratford upon Avon, carrying out dentistry for patients under sedation almost every day.

Saturday March 23rd sees the training centre at Stratford Dental ( hosting an RA training day with Dr Richard Charon, the RA Coach ( for the whole dental team.


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