Dundee Dental School Materials Den

Excited to have been asked to speak on Monday to my first group of undergraduate students up in Scotland.

This is a personal milestone for me, I have always wanted to be involved in undergraduate dental training and this feels like an early step into more teaching.

I’ve got 90 minutes to cover the “Science behind Composites, Ceramics and Cements”. In 90 minutes? I’m going to have to talk really quickly or really cut to the chase.

Been great to bone up on my knowledge about ceramics, understanding the difference between Pyrex, glass cooker hobs, toilets and dinner plates. Oh, and dental crowns and bridges!

Will be talking a lot about two “game changers” for me in Dentistry, IPS E-Max ceramic and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill composite. Will update the blog next week.

Have a great weekend



96% “excellent” feedback on recent composite course

Last Friday I had the privilege of being able to speak for a whole day to a group of 20 Vocational trainees about Composites, one of my favourite subjects!

The meeting took place at @IvoclarUk headquarters in Leicester at their excellent lecture and hands on education facility, the ICDE.

Speaking for a day on organic chemistry and the physical properties of crystalline particles may sound dry but everyone managed to stay awake and it sounds like they came away with a few key messages.

Some of the points we discussed were:

Have some small faith in the product and materials knowledge of your local rep, they are a great resource and should be treated as part of your team.

Know your composite, know your adhesive and know your curing light. There are many points to generate error in composite placement, it’s not as slam dunk as you may think!

It’s ok to bulk fill a cavity with Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill.

We got excellent feedback (the other 4% was “very good”!) and that it is always gratifying. Thanks so much to Ivoclar for another opportunity to speak to an enthusiastic group of highly knowledgable dentists and I look forward to the 2nd anniversary event in leicester on the 28th June where I get to do more of the same.