Dundee Dental School Materials Den

Excited to have been asked to speak on Monday to my first group of undergraduate students up in Scotland.

This is a personal milestone for me, I have always wanted to be involved in undergraduate dental training and this feels like an early step into more teaching.

I’ve got 90 minutes to cover the “Science behind Composites, Ceramics and Cements”. In 90 minutes? I’m going to have to talk really quickly or really cut to the chase.

Been great to bone up on my knowledge about ceramics, understanding the difference between Pyrex, glass cooker hobs, toilets and dinner plates. Oh, and dental crowns and bridges!

Will be talking a lot about two “game changers” for me in Dentistry, IPS E-Max ceramic and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill composite. Will update the blog next week.

Have a great weekend