Ivoclar ICDE event Day one

Very proud to have been invited again to take part in the ICDE dental event here in Leicester @ivoclarUK. Have really enjoyed giving three aesthetic composite hands in workshops this morning and settling down for an afternoon on ceramics from Dr James Russell (of Embarrassing Bodies fame) and legendary technician Rob Lynock.

It never fails to impress me this companies commitment to education. As dentists we are often bombarded with heavy handed sales tactics from manufacturers and suppliers and now more than ever, those techniques are wearing thin. Too blatant, it has to be a softer approach needed with a high perceived value for the dentist.

Ivoclar are becoming renowned for investing in education in Dentistry. This seems to me quite obvious, if you can impart product knowledge, improve understanding and help to improve the lives of the patients and the dentist, that’s got to be a good thing.

I think this approach is extremely good for the company as well, Ivoclar Vivadent are an international company with many of the offices, like the UK, having dedicated training facilities, with labs, clinic workstations, real treatment surgeries, lecture rooms etc.

We are always taught to be wary of companies pushing education or sponsoring events, almost like the involvement of corporations somehow taints the quality of the learning. The truth is, people like Ivoclar have huge research and development departments testing, improving and innovating every day of the week.

We shouldn’t automatically think they are doing these things to satisfy shareholders and buy bigger cars for their staff, we should like success, we should celebrate it but at the end of the day, our patients benefit from the advances they and we make.

I look forward to attending the anniversary event for years to come and I hope to continue my relationship with such a customer and patient focused company.