Apple TV for the dental office part two – patient demonstrations


In part one of this series, we looked at using Apple TV to set up a wireless second surgery monitor right in front of the patient, in order to show the patient radiographs, photos or anything you want from your primary surgery monitor. This saves laying cables under floors, expensive pole mounts from dental chairs, a second graphics card or video splitter and surgery disruption.

In this second part, I am going to cover the use of Flickr to build a library of patient education photos.

A quick example, I saw a lady yesterday who wanted to know her options for a retainer. I went into AppleTV, clicked on the Flickr button, opened up my library of ortho photos and showed her what fixed and removable retainers look like. It was very quick and easy and appeared on a nice big screen in great detail.

You can build libraries (called “sets”) of different aspects of dentistry and fill with as many photos as you need. The free account on Flickr gives you lots of storage so you aren’t in danger of running out of space.


When you need to explain to the patient what different treatment options there are for replacement of a missing tooth, you can have a set of photos showing bridges, dentures or implants.

You could as well couple this with some PowerPoint or Keynote slides. In both software packages you can export slides as JPG photos.
This is a great idea for a robust consent procedure. If you wanted an implant consent process for yourself or your implant coordinator, you could quickly design a set of slides to run the patient through, in the proper order, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t missed anything. We have so much to remember as dentists, so many things to remember to write down, so many processes to go through, this can really help as an Aide Memoire.

So, firstly create your slides in PowerPoint or Keynote. Export the slides as graphics and upload them to a set in Flickr.

Flickr is really easy to use, you can even do all this on an IPhone or iPad. Apps are available for both to upload your photos to the right sets. You can even create you slides using Keynote for iOS.

The only thing to watch is that other people may be able to see your photos, so watch the confidentially thing.

If you’ve any questions about this great use of AppleTV, or any top tips, just email me at