Excellent oral medicine update from Mrs Judith Stocker last week

Many thanks to our local Oral Surgery and Medicine consultant, Judith Stocker for an excellent talk on “Red Flags in Oral Medicine”. It was fascinating to hear what she sees in a referral letter and the sort of cases she faces every single day.


It was great as well to get an update on bisphosphonates in Oral surgery, interesting to hear that the cases of ONJ (osteonecrosis of the jaw) often come with oral bisphosphonates and often appear months after the procedure. The risks of ONJ can carry on for decades after cessation of the medication so we need to be aware not only of follow up in these cases, but also in our medical histories to discover any previous history of bisphosphonates use and prescribe penicillin post op to help cover the patient.

Another excellent talk from the Warwickshire Dental Training Institute with great feedback.