Calling all hygienists who work unassisted, Free audio software to first ten users

coming soon, EasyMedRecord is a hands free simple way of quickly dictating notes and perio charting for processing later. I am giving away 10 free copies when it is released for hygienists to test.

You know how difficult it is to do periodontal charting if you work unassisted. Quite often you need to call in a nurse to help you but would it help if there was a low cost hands free way of recording your charting?
I know colleagues who set up an iphone on the bracket table, go into Voice Memos, record, edit the title of the recording and play it back later. but we’ve come up with a way of doing this on your existing computer, using a simple foot switch. One tap for record, One tap for save. no finger pressing required.

The software sits in the system tray, running in the background, waiting for a key or foot switch press. A microphone on the desk, table or chair mounted will pick up your speech clearly and the file automatically saved for you.

Full perio charting, including pocket depth, recession, bleeding , furcations, PRFs, suppuration can be read out in real time as you examine, for you or an assistant to process later that day when time allows.

Its the little things that can make a difference.

The software is in development now and should be ready by the end of october. I am on the lookout for BETA testers so I am giving away 10 copies of the software to hygienists who fancy giving it a go, as long as they provide some feedback. If you are interested in helping, drop me a line at

with best wishes