EasyMedRecord – a crazy easy to use Windows Audio note recorder for Dentists


Announcing the upcoming release of this new Audio note recorder I have been developing. Its something that sits in your Windows 7 System Tray, running quietly in the background waiting for you to press a simple shortcut key on the keyboard. It then records up to 5 minutes of audio and when you hit the key again, it autosaves it in a predesignated folder. All you need to make an audio note, with just two clicks.

It can also be controlled with a foot pedal or separate wall mounted keypad. The computers own microphone can be used, or a separate lapel mic or desktop mic can be supplied, even a wireless bluetooth mic for mounting on the dental chair.

Why did I invent this?

Being a dentist is stressful, running your own practice on top of that just adds to the stress and for years I have been very interested in ways to make the routine non-efficient things in our daily lives much simpler.

Its the simple solutions in life that make the big difference. Every day as dentists / hygienists / therapists we are examining patients, making more and more copious notes, dictating letters, making to-do lists so we don’t forget to action something.

Most of us have an assistant who can help write the notes and make base charting but sometimes there is too much to write there and then and its hard to keep up. Some hygienists and therapists work without a nurse and when it comes to complex pocket charting, its really useful to have some help by recording the data quickly in audio format and then transferring that to the records in their own time.

I wanted to make this all really easy so I have come up with EasyMedRecord.

I wanted a ridiculously easy way of making and storing audio notes. I had a vision of having a foot pedal that when I clicked it, a recording would start and when i clicked it again, the recording would stop. I wouldn’t then need to touch my keyboard or mouse to save it, i wouldn’t have to break the cross infection barrier.

To start with, we are developing a simple keyboard shortcut so the assistant or operator can start and stop a recording. I am developing a foot pedal to do this as well, along with a wall mounted USB keypad that can do it, along with other automated tasks.

Possible uses for this product include:
Rapid base charting
Rapid in depth note taking
Rapid extensive Periodontal charting
Unassisted note writing
Dictation of letters
Note taking during surgical and implant procedures
Real time audio notes to send to other operators or receptionists (in conjunction with a free practice dropbox account and IFTT alert system for PCs and iPhones/iPads) locally or remotely
To-do lists
Rapid autoreminders (oo, I must do this while I remember)

We are currently in software design stage which looks to be ready in October with a launch in November. I am also planning a KickStarter campaign because I believe this product is useful across all areas of healthcare and has a worldwide market.

If anyone has any suggestions or feedback at this stage I would love to hear from you. If there are any features you would like to see, I really want this product to be open and commented on and regularly fed back so I can make it better and better over the years.

Will keep you updated!
With best wishes