Dental Nurses

Introduction to Sedation for Dental Nurses

Dr Rob Endicott BDS

Free evening verifiable CPD course

As part of the “Modus Madams” study group

Thursday 19th November 2015 6.30pm

Nailcote Hall Hotel near Coventry, West Midlands CV7 7DE

To book, email


Fear of the dentist is a major barrier to patients getting the care they need. Approximately 10% of the U.K. population actively avoid going to the dentist, with over 40% of patients stating they have a mild to moderate fear of the dentist. 

Coupled with guilt and embarrassment, these patients often suffer tremendous pain and potentially life threatening infections. With modern dental sedation techniques and modern treatment technology however, dental treatment can be easy and fears bypassed. 

This course, for any member of the dental team will introduce what sedation techniques are available, and what routes into training are available for members of the dental team. 

By the end of the course, delegates should:

Have a basic understanding of what dental sedation is and how it can help patients

Understand how blood pressure works and gain some confidence in taking and interpreting blood pressure readings with a hands on demo

Understand how IV Cannulation works and practice on hands on demo models

Gain a basic understanding on what pulse oximetry means with a hands on demo

Understand the first steps in getting trained to treat patients under sedation 

Understand what technologies are available other than dental sedation to improve the patients experience in the dental chair. 

Understand what can go wrong and how to deal with those consequences. 
This course gains 2 hours of verifiable CPD and serves as an update in sedation CPD for those already trained in sedation. It is not a course designed to qualify dental members to carry out sedation in their practices immediately as there are recognised training pathways for this approved by the IASCD. 


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